About the Board

About the Board

The local Development Boards were first mooted in "Better Local Government - A Programme for Change" in 1996. Two relevant principles were:

Enhancing Local Democracy - ensuring local communities and their representatives have a real say in the delivery of the full range of public services locally. 

Developing Efficiency - through development of partnership between local authorities and other local organisations. 

These ideas were developed further in the "Report of the Task Force on the Integration of Local Government and Local Development" (1998) and in "Preparing the Ground" (1999). Both reports can be downloaded from www.cdb.ie or are available from the Department of the Environment. The principles underlying the Development Boards' operations are set out in "Preparing the Ground". These are:  

• Involvement of Local Communities
• Social Inclusion
• Participation
• Feedback
• Democratic Legitimacy
• Voluntary Effort
• Simplicity
• Value for Money
• Openness and Commitment to Change
• Commitment by Central Government
• Process as part of the solution
• Flexibility
• Purpose 

The establishment of City/County Development Boards mirrors the process of National Partnership at local level in order to achieve:

• Increased responsiveness by public service providers to identified local needs;
• Increased effectiveness of service delivery;
• Increased participation by local stakeholders in charting future policy;