About the Board

External Influences

The Cork City Development Board will not operate in isolation. It is bound by a framework of National and European Union policies. Ireland has signed international agreements which also impact on the options the Board can consider e.g. membership of the World Trade Organisation, thus economic globalisation is a fact of life.

Of particular importance for the Board will be:  

• The National Plan and its operational policies

• The Programme for Prosperity and Fairness (particularly Social Inclusion, Urban Disadvantage and Local Governance)

• The National Anti-Poverty Strategy

The Board must also take account of the work being carried out by the Cork County Development Board and vice versa. In January 1999, Cork Corporation and Cork County Council began the preparation of the Cork Area Strategy. The Cork Area Strategy will cover the area bounded by Mitchelstown and Kinsale, and between Macroom and Youghal, including Cork City. It will have areas of concern in common with the Cork City Development Board. Some organisations represented on the Cork City Development Board are also members of the Advisory Committee of the Cork Area Strategy e.g., FAS, Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland.

The preparation of the Cork Area Strategy will assist the Development Board in its work.